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I'm a fugitive from Hollywood where I worked for 10 years. The last position I held was as VP of Finance at the Jim Henson Company where I once performed a chicken in the closing scene in Muppet Treasure Island. Not sure why they never asked me back!


Since the demise of my blossoming puppetry career, I focus my creative energy on creating humorous tales of female empowerment and epic kissing.


In 2014, I began writing on the website, Wattpad, under the pseudonym Brittanie Charmintine. My first novel on the site, MERMAIDS AND THE VAMPIRES WHO LOVE THEM, won a Watty award that same year, and soon after I was invited to join the prestigious Wattpad Stars program. The novel subsequently became an audiobook published by Hachette Audio and an interactive game published by Chapters.


My short stories have appeared in two Simon & Schuster anthologies and Mermaid Monthly magazine.

In addition to novels and short stories, I've also written commissioned chat stories for Wattpad’s Tap and Chapters’ Tap Tales.


I live in a redwood forest in Northern California with my puppeteer husband and thoroughly entertaining dog named Rocket. My children have abandoned me to pursue their own lives in the movie business in New York.


My secret dream is to return to Hollywood where all my books are made into blockbuster films starring Chris Hemsworth.

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